Women got me used to that they start everything first they flirt take my number ask for hanging out and even they say I love you first but?

But they were all lying to me , after week months i realize that they were lying and they say u were just a challenge for us we wanted to see if we can make u love us , its weird all my relationships were the same , and now im messed up when i see a girl i like i think she would be the same she won't even give me her number if i ask so i got in a lot of stupid situations and i don't know how to stop? And i still dont understand what a hell that supposed to mean when they say i was a challenge and i dont know how to stop negative thoughts and just approach women?


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  • Wow!
    Those women really did a number on you...

    Maybe take some time for yourself first. THEN go out chasing girls again.
    approach first, ask for number first, be polite and don't look too shy or messed up because you'll attract women like those that you've attracted so far.

  • Are you saying a multiple number of women used you to learn how to approach men, etc? That is very strange, I'm sorry that happened to you, those women should be ashamed of themselves. But you can still approach women, just don't put pressure on yourself, & realize they are not only woman in the world, so if they say no it's no big deal. Good luck.


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