Ways to notice if a guy is turned on?

It happens to me but not that often and I'm wondering if guys can get turned on very easily with just a kiss. And if the guy gets rougher and kisses harder does that point out that he is turned on?

What are some ways to notice if a guy is turned on?

like french kissing..


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  • Fuck yeah I get turned on.

    If a girl kisses me on the cheek or something, it's flattering, but I don't usually get turned on by something small like that, unless I'm really into the girl. Although if the girl is kissing me on the neck or tonguing my ear or pulling on my lobe with her teeth, maybe giving me a passionate french kiss you can bet your hot ass I'm getting a huge fucking boner. I love being kissed, and if she's really into it I either might lose control and lay back absorbing it all in or I might just go crazy and start giving back exactly what I've been given and more. Usually the latter.

    Anyway if you want to know if a guy is turned on, you can generally figure that out pretty easily. His breathing might get heavier, he might look at you a little different, maybe moan a little bit. If you really want to be sure you can always try putting your hands on his crotch. Touching him there. If you're doing it through the pants there should be a noticeable bulge and depending on how big his dick is, you might even be able to see it. If you want you can also try putting your hands down his pants. At that point you wouldn't have much problem telling if he's turned on. He'd be rock hard.

    I hope this was insightful to you. Let me know.

    • I'm checking back on a lot of my old answers like I usually do. I wanted to do a follow up to see if what I told you was at all helpful to you. Did my advice help?

    • Yes it was helpful!

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  • Im sure that they can. I mean you can just sit next a guy and he'll get hard. But I have noticed that a guy is turned on if you agree sitting close to him and he his breathing funny like harder and kind of faster, if he continues to rub you like rubbing your hip, if he fidgets alot, and of course the bulge in his pants. If you can't see it you can definitely feel it if you sit on top of him or cuddling really close.


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  • it depends what type of kissing but yes a lot of times it can turn me on when with my girlfriend kissing :) usually I let her know by just rubbing her with my erection lol but I think she can tell by the hands moving along her body and enjoying themselves :P

  • When I get turned on while kissing, I usually get really close. She can usually feel my erection, and I kiss very harder and I pull her as close as possible and I usually moan a few times.

    What do you, a girl, do when you get turned on while kissing?


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  • Yes, please, if a guy is attracted to you, breathing on him or smiling at him might be enough to get him going, lol. French kissing, oh yes, that is highly likely to turn him on. And, yes, the more in to the kissing he is getting, the more likely it is that he is getting turned on.

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