Asking a stubborn girl to date me?

my name is rob and i have know this one girl for about 2 months now. we talk everyday and i always compliment her. the other day i asked her to go out with me.. and she said that she likes me, but she has had bad divorce experiences over time (her parents divorce) and that she is too scared to start anything. i don't want to give up. what should i do?


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  • i know how she feels and to be honest she is scared about whats gong to happen to her if she is in a relationship because to her relationships have only hurt her like her parents divorce but what you want to do is really support her and that will bring you both much closer and she probably finds it hard to trust guys too so yeah you want to be there for her and build up that friendship and trust also impress her, try to put a smile on her face and make her feel good about herself and take an interest in the sort of things she likes
    and maybe one day she can put the past behind her because no girls want to go through that and that's why she is scared so keep building the friendship and trust between you x hope it helped


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  • You can not force someone to want you. So I do not know what to say. Try again or stay friends maybe she will be ready if you wait it out. Why waste time though many women out there. Why do you like her, she's stubborn? Is it her looks is she fun to be around? Think about whether she's worth worrying about

  • just dont give up if you don't want
    girls are very sensitive creature..
    be with her, support her, tell her what you feel... till valentine you are gonna make it... don't worry


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