What are deal breakers for you in potential serious relationships?

Just wondering what negative personality traits would cause you to distance yourself from a potential serious partner :) Feel free to be specific & include details about past experiences :) Thanks in advance!! Guys and girls can answer this one


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  • Small Dealbreakers (I might Overlook if I really like her)
    >Lack of etiquette: burps or passing gas
    >Lack of humor
    >Homebody: prefer someone who likes to go on frequent dates
    >Overly Sarcastic (I like humor but sarcasm isn't something I am fond of usually be straight with me)
    >Impolite (I like people who are polite with others no just their partners)
    >Unaffectionate (I don't want to have to ask for a hug or kiss)

    Big Dealbreakers (This ain't going to last long)
    >Indecisive (Indecisiveness usually means she's not ready)
    >Feminist (Don't complain about men around me)
    >Doesn't like children (I want kids)
    >Attitude (I can't be with a negative woman)
    >Overly religious or anti-religious (I can't stand either)
    >Slutty or Promiscous


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  • when I found out that a girl was kind of a racist I didn't liked her anymore...

    I had a collegue, she was really, really beautifull... but when she opened there mouth... what came out was really rude and I stopped liking her right away

  • unfaithfulness


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    -He cannot have children or want them in the future. I am very firm in my position about not wanting children.

    -He cannot be religious. I don't care what religion it is, I'm not putting up with it.

    -He cannot be conservative or traditional.

    - If we can't make each other laugh then I probably won't be attracted to him in the first place. The fastest way to my heart is through humor.

    -He must not be sensitive. I'm an incredibly blunt, sarcastic, and dark humored person at times so he needs to be able to deal or else there'll be a lot of hurt feelings.

    -Being emotional is one of the quickest ways to turn me off. I'm very logical and would like someone who is as well.

    -I can't stand extroverted men or men who always want to go out. I'm all for having a night out, but I usually prefer to just cuddle on the couch and pop in a movie.

    -He needs to respect me as his equal partner or else it's over. None of that "I'm the man of the house" bullshit. We make decisions together, period.

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