What kind of message would make you ladies more likely to reply to a guy's first message on a dating site?

I would like to try a social experiment and see how each race likes to be approached. Mention your race and mention how you like being approached.

I've asked the following questions which didn't help me go anywhere: What kind of music do you like? What kind of movies do you like? What do you like to do for fun in your spare time? Would you like to go to a club to bump and grind? What's poppin? I'm artsy too. I'm into graphic design and I practice playing the electric guitar. What kind of art are you into besides tattoos?

I noticed a woman say that she loves scuba diving so I asked if she could take me scuba diving. I mentioned to a woman that she should try Taco Pizza which is better than the pizza that was in her picture. There was a woman that mentioned she liked skinny dipping so I asked her where is a good place to go skinny dipping? None of those worked either.


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  • As you can see in my profile picture, I'm white as snow... ok, maybe like snow sprinkled with peach ice tea, but you get my point.
    The one time I registered at a dating site was for 12 hours or so, then I deleted my profile. I didn't get any messages during that period and most guys' profiles were effectively repellent. Anyway, when you message someone, remember that the burden of the first impression is on you - since you've spotted her profile, she's already had her chance, so now it's your time for self-introduction. Instead of asking details about her, tell her something interesting about yourself, preferably touching upon what she wrote in her profile (you can't COMPLETELY disregard that, after all). Like: "hey, I'm X. I like this and that, actually I've been interested in that for years now. This, on the other hand, is sort of a side passion of mine... I noticed that you like it, though. Could you tell me something about it?". You already establish yourself not only as your own man who's dedicated to his hobbies, but as a curious one at that.

    • I don't see why I should include what I like since its already on my profile.

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    • Ok, since the way I say something matters how would I ask a woman in a polite way if she wants to hookup with me?

    • this guy is dumb. and very disrespectful, now i see why i can't get any girls

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  • Im asian. a filipino, my bf he's filipino too but he was borned here. we met online and we gonna celebrate out first yr anniversary next month! yay! :)

    anyway, he caught my attention by sending me a long ass message -.- like a really really long one. at first i didn't read it because i was too lazy to read and im also at work. i read it when i got home,.. the message was about he's narrating how he met one girl online blah blah blah, and what happen there that he got catfish.. it really caught my attention, its entertaing plus he didn't ask questions first a lot like most guys do, which kinda annoys me. i wanted someone who can strike up a conversation first then question later, not the hows it going? what type of musics do you like? thos kind of convos.
    he never thought that strategy would work, but yeah good for him he did that because if he sent me a message telling me gorgeous hows it going. im not gonna reply to him lol

    • A guy complaining about something that happens to hundreds of people everyday grabbed your attention? You must not be bright.

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    • You're half right. Its average and that's nothing to brag about.

    • Respect has to be earned. You don't get it by saying what grabs your attention.

  • I'm African , I've had a dated profile before when I was new to my city.
    Had many messages but I usually reply to most but only meet up with a few. The ones I most definently reply to are the ones who start with a joke or something and those who message me with similar interest. The only ones I don't answer are the ones who start by calling you sexy , call me exotic , want sex straight up


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