Why do I log onto my boyfriends Facebook eyeryday?

he has saved his password on my account... bit fishy doing that!
But now i log on it every day to see what girls pages he is looking at and who is messaging him.
How can i stop?
by the way he is a clingy guy, and im not however him saving his password to my computer was almost allowing me to go on it...


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    • ahaha you killed me then. But no, not like atall.
      imagine if every day he said 'jokingly' oh what would you do if i cheated on you?
      or - i went out last night there was loads of girls at my table. does that make you jealous?
      or- no i dont lie your mates they make you talk to loads of boys etc.
      - ooh i spoke to my ex on Facebook the other day - how weird she started talking to me?

      now tell me why i keep going on it?
      I dont trust him any more but i can't stop going n it as im worried ill miss something bad that he has done. or he won't tell me

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  • isn't ironic that you also fell to the clingy "category" as him? The irony...


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