Would you date a girl without a car or job?

I just moved to this state with my parents so I don't have work, but I've been looking. Sadly, back home I never needed a car, because you could walk every where and public transportation was spot on! Living in this new state you have to drive every where and it's so hard to find work with in walking distance, because you never see a freaking bus in this god forsaken town. I've been dating my boyfriend for 4 months now, he's been teaching me how to drive, but not finding work is really hurting myself-esteem.

I use to be this girl that was out going. I'd skinny dip in rivers, go skating and long boarding with friends, but I have none of that now. ._. It's pretty miserable. The youth this town are in to meth and heroine, thankfully my boyfriend is only into weed. I never smoked. I quit drinking... My god my life is lame now!

I make some side money, so when I can I treat him to dinner, but it is not much.


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  • I would if I loved her , it isn't really a problem if he makes enough with his job. Sure its easier being in a relationship when both have a car but there's plenty of people who only use public transportation, you're not alone. On the other note, Id suggest you however , to go back to school , go study something you're interested into, you can still keep looking for jobs around and then when you get the opportunity you can either start working or keep studying to get a diploma. At least you won't waste your time this way.

    • I just got out of high school in California this year, but we moved to Georgia. I start school in January.

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  • Depends. If you had no ambition to find a job, or go to school, then get a job, no I would not date you. Everyone deserves a chance. I would give you yours, but I would expect you to not lay around all day and do nothing.


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  • You have to find something. You need to be able to make some money
    Baby sit

    • I would if I knew anyone, but it's literally impossible to get hired for child care with no references.

    • Ok well I could understand since you moved to a new state it takes time to get settled in. I'm not working either because I got fired, but I'm in college. So I am keeping myself busy, it's still a job even though I'm not getting paid for it