Why can't guys just say they dont want to see you anymore? A text or something?

I was seeing this guy for six months and everything was great. We had a lot of fun together. We went to the movies out to dinner, he enjoyed cooking for me. I slept over his many times. His job is insanely crazy so i didn't get to see him to often. But we texted everyday and throughout the day, and he would call me ask me how my weekend was, what i did, how my daughter was, if she had fun while she was over her fathers. Last time i saw him i spent the night it was great and he dropped me off in the morning he didn't give me any indication he wanted to brake up. The next day i text him i got no response so i let go thing he was busy. Then a few days go by. I text him again telling him i miss him i still get nothing. After a week i get mad so i ask him did he brake up with me. He still has me on Facebook and follows me on instagram. So i dont understand. I called and left message hey whats going on im worried. I can see him read my messages on Facebook. He post on Facebook he knows i see them. Why can't he just tell me he doesn't want to see me anymore? Let me move on. So i got mad and and delete him off Facebook. Its been about a month since i heard from him i stopped texted him a week ago told him i was just assuming we were broken up. But i still didn't get a response. What is his problem?


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  • Guys are assholes like that! Then next thing u know they got a new gf


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  • Hahaha He probably do that to every chick, sorry.

    Dont hate the qb, Hate the receiver


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