Is there anyway to make to fix a mistake like having sex on the 2 nd date?

I met this guy and had a great time with him.
On our 2 nd date we had a few drinks and things got heated ended up having sex with him.
Never done this stupid mistake before I'm 42..
We met 4 times since our first date
Now he's became distant.
Not affectionate like he was before
I'm afraid I'm ruined this before it even got started:(
Anyone who had similar story?
How you handle this?


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  • To be honest, the only way to fix that is the way I fixed all of my sexual abuse, then subsequent philandering when I was younger.

    It's called Divine Intervention and seeking God if you truly desire it. God is the only One who could have possibly fixed my broken and ruined heart. Heck, I even believe God can make your heart a virgin, again, waiting for the right man.

    • Thank you!
      Why men loves bitches.. I was reading this book which encouraging women to play hard to get it's against my nature.
      But much truth in that book... They don't like nice women they want to be chased yet they need space
      Can't figure out men...

    • That applies to some men. It certainly doesn't apply to me, or men like me.

      Secretly, deep down, even the most ravenous player wants a woman who he can respect. A woman who surrenders her body quickly will never have a man's respect. All she is is a quick lay.

      A virtuous woman who has a set of standards and abides by them, not bending to his will, will earn his respect- even if he leaves her. Unstable men need women like that... And most men today are highly unstable in my opinion.

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