Why doesn't she want spend time alone with me?

So this girl and I have talking to each other months non stop and I really like her. We've met up a few times, alone, and they were all really good, and we really connected and even hooked up. But now every time she wants to met up she always wants to bring friends and wants me to bring my friends, now I'm not sure whether she just wants me to hang out with her and her friends more, or if she wants them there so I don't come onto her something because she might not like me. I don't know.


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  • if y'all aren't even dating maybe she doesn't want to hookup 'cause if it's just two of you then you know it's most likely you will hook up.

    that or,

    she wants to meet your friends and vice versa because she's being serious about wanting to be with you.

  • Maybe she is afraid if the two of you are alone, you will hook up again. Maybe she wanted to wait till later in your relationship to have sex, but accidentally gave into pressure & had sex with you.


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