We obviously need to give each other space but he's just turning a blind eye?

i met this guy last year and we have been inseperable. i started having feelings for him and he appeared to like me too but he said he isn't ready for a relationship and doesn't want to hurt me because none of his relationships have worked. my feelings for him got really intense and i just decided to distance myself from him because i felt inferior cause he doesn't want me.

he noticed my behaviour and called me out on it. and we started talking again because he looked too sad and i gave in. now we are back to that unsusual closeness and i know he knows its not healthy.

why isn't he just letting me go?


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  • Why aren't you more strong? Why are you letting him talk you into things you don't want?

    • i think i may be in love with him. we are really close

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  • he wants a relationship but he is scared because in a relationship they end more times than they dont. so maybe he thinks if he gets in a relationship with you he will hurt you eventually and you won't want to see him anymore.

    • So he doesn't like me enough to try not to hurt me?

      I'm not trying to pressure him into anything. My feelings for him are just too strong and I don't know what to do. I'm a kissless virgin at 22. I've been waiting for a connection like this

    • im sure soon he will change his mind but he definitely likes you I don't know why he hasn't gotten with you yet.

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  • he doesn't wanna lose you, but he doesn't wanna make that commitment.

    i would say honestly in the long run you're just hurting yourself if you stay. if you know the only way to get over this is to draw distance then do it. you need to protect yourself first beacuse it sounds like you're putting him first.