Why would he call me his "girlfriend" and his "girl"?

there's this guy i've been hanging out with for a little while, he's an amazing guy, super nice and kind. i can tell he makes an effort to see me and is really caring towards me, he is really protective of me. when we're together we act like a couple, he's 28 and i'm 21. so he's really mature too.

Saturday night i got invited to this house party, and he introduced me as "his girl" when his friends asked if i was ____'s girl he's like "yeah, that's my girl." and the rest of the night they called me his girlfriend, he went along with it gladly. according to his friends, i'm the first girl he's ever brought over to meet his friends so they were telling me it's a big deal. all night we chatted with his friends while cuddling, and while driving with his friends in the back, i thought just maybe he might not want to hold hands 'cause his boys were there til he grabbed my hand and kissed it, which surprised me.

we have slept together, but sex is just sex. i don't see sex as a milestone or a huge step to commitment, it's just something mutual that we both wanted, and we trust each other enough with it.

but here's the thing, he knows i just got out of a really bad relationship, and he tells me he's not emotionally ready to be in a relationship, which is how i feel too. he says he wants to see where things go which is how i feel. so far as i know we were on the same page til he introduced me that way.

but if we aren't officially dating, then why did i get introduced as his girlfriend? or is he playing some kind of game with me where his friends won't hit on me and he can just string me along? isn't it a big deal for a guy to introduce a girl to his boys? esp. with the way he did, how i'm "his girl"


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  • I think that even though he wasn't ready for a relationship at first he is now and just assumed you be cool with it. Or he just thought it's be easier to say girlfriend then have to explain that you're his friend that he sometimes sleeps with.
    If it's really bothering you then I'd just bring it up casually.

  • i feel like he's just trying to transition you into this relationship thing slowly.. so you won't feel so pressured.. go with the flow if you still like him..