Should I Initiate Second Date?

I went out on a date with a guy and I really enjoyed it. I told him at the end of the date that I really enjoyed it and that I hoped to see him soon. He texted me later and said he had a good time as well. However, nothing was brought up about a second date. Should I be the one to ask him out on the second date, should I wait, or is he not interested?

He wasn't interested in meeting up again.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Wait until the coming weekend and text him.

    • Will do. thank you :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Let him do that if he doesn't then you do it. It'll show him you are interested but wait a while

    • Thank you. Good advice. I was thinking of waiting a week and then asking if he wants to go out again.

    • Glad to help and good idea :)