Online dating please help?

These women won't reply to me on online dating, then I re message them saying did I say something wrong and they still dont reply


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  • How long have you been online dating? I have guy friend who has and told me the same thing. I have done online dating and i do get lots of messages but i think women are more on the receiving end and since the options are so great its hard to choose. So somehow, you have to make your profile pic stand out, otherwise women will not bother - i personally get messages i didn't even open either because pic was creepy looking or the guy just was not appealing. Thats just my opinion, though. Good luck!

    • Its probably because im not appealing. Im sensing a pattern

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  • You have to consider the male-to-female ratio on those sites. It's crazy how many more men than women there are.

    I'm going to put it this way; if you were a woman in a room with 15 men who were all interested in dating you, you'd pick the best one, wouldn't you? "Screw the other 14, that one guy is the shiznit."
    And that's how dating sites work.

    • So im no good then?

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    • Dude, my grandfather just got married. He's 62 and found a rich old lady on Christian Mingle.

    • I want to be in love when im young so i can have q family. You know life is short right

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  • Man. You just have to be patient. It doesn't happen that fast you think. Maybe try some other dating websites. I tried a lot of them and stopped at I dated 3 girls from this site and everything was quite fie for me. Don't give up and be patient!