Would you consider a girl who you were just beginning to date rude for not fully trusting you?

Say you were seeing a girl for a couple weeks. Not as an official couple or anything, but just going on dates and enjoying each other's company.

In my case I met the guy from Tinder. I know that a lot of people go on that app to find someone to hook up with and I made it clear from the beginning that I wasn't that kind of girl.

He still took the initiative to talk to me and seemed normal so I met up with him and we began seeing each other for a couple weeks.

I didn't fully trust the guy because we barely knew each other and I found him on tinder, so it was natural I would question if he did just want sex.

He seemed nice early on and seemed to show genuine interest, but I did notice towards the end he was pushing for an open relationship. He definitely pushed my physical boundaries in a very bad way also, when he knew it was too much for me.

We never had sex but It did bother me that he wanted to do physical things a lot despite knowing how I felt about it. It also bothered me that he stopped talking to me once I wasn't near him anymore.

Long story short I'm 99 percent sure the guy was in it just to get laid but I never directly accused him of that.

When I told him I was done with him because he didn't seem invested in me and that he led me on and confused me, he said I mistreated him because I did not fully trust him.

Am I wrong for thinking that's unreasonable? I only knew him a couple weeks.. The fact that he would say cute things but not want to be exclusive but also that he wanted to do physical stuff a lot were huge tip offs he wasn't trustworthy..


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  • Don't fall for his guilt trip. It looks like you were upfront about your feelings and he ignored it.


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