Guys.. would you love this?

Guys... would you love it if a girl that you love and use to date started talking to you again after a long time and she remembered little things about you like your birthday, fav colors, etc and like little stuff that you once did?

Any other opinions?


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  • yes i would very much
    because there is no doubt that if a guy feels the same way, you two would be back together real fast

    and the little stuff are usually the most important ^^

    • We dated but never became official. & now we live in different states so we probably won't ever be together. & you're right the little things do usually matter most

    • they do lol, they are the most important

    • oh im sorry
      but yea they do ^^ and thats pretty amazing

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  • I would love it. Do you want to get back with him?

    Have you gotten sexually involved with him ( now or in the past?)

    • We haven't seen each other in almost 3 years so my feelings have pretty much faded. & yes we once were sexually involved

  • I'd find it cute that she remembered stuff like that.

  • Hmmmm. What do you mean by a girl I love though? Do you mean I still love her, but like she broke up with me or something?

    • Like you two used to really close so you still love her but you guys just kind of grew apart

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    • Why would you be upset if you two just drifted apart? Okay let's say.. you've been thinking about this girl and kind of wanted to hear from her and she remembered lots of stuff?

    • Well it's how we drifted apart though. Maybe if we didn't drift apart the way we did then I wouldn't be upset about it. I know what you're saying. Part of me does want to hear from her and part of me wants her to stay away from me.

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