When is is to much enough to let go?

Is it wrong of me to feel lonley necause my bf of 4year only wants to play his game 24 hours out of the day he play 15 maybe less in the basement he has xbox1 an upstairs he has 360 so when he's downstairs is xbox1 upstairs xbox 360 either way is playing i. can. walk up to him naked or even just try an. make conversation shoot even when he is on the laptop he's looking up. games I don't know maybe i am just over exagerating what do y'all think? Here i an ill be up till 3-4am waiting for him to come to bed


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  • I'd say that you should talk to him, walk right up to him and say look we need to talk, I miss my boyfriend we don't spend any time together because you're always playing your game, I love you and I want to be around you, and if that doesn't solve anything then it's time to break up with him, obviously you've been dating for a long time so that's hard to do but if he can't even stop his game to have a conversation or sex or anything then it's not worth it and it's not the relationship you deserve! I hope this is helpful

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