Would a girl leave a guy if she "feels like she does not deserve him?" IS there such a feeling?

"Ok there was this discussion about a girl choosing between 2 guys. Summing up guy nr. 1 stupid, bad, poor. Guy nr. 2 friendly, respectful, money no problem. And finally she did go to nr. 1. Now some of you girls said maybe she "feels like not deserving him" and may she left him. So basically my question: would a girl leave or not making a move for a guy if she feels she doesn't deserve him? Can there be such a feeling?



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  • Big time. They make movies about it. Some girls feel less wanted if a guy has a better up bringing or a better job. It stops them. They don't feel as worthy. Its a terrible feeling. Mystic pizza is the movie. Its hard to overcome that.


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  • Yeah, if she feels she doesn't deserve him. She simply does not have a high self esteem, and she feels that guy No. 1 is the only guy for her.

    • This means a woman would not chose a man although she knows he is the real deal. Lets say he is "brat pitt". So you wouldn't go for him because you think you are not worthy?

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  • It's pretty f***ed up, but if someone feels like they're not good enough for someone, it can make them very insecure (this goes for both guys and girls, I think). I largely feel like my girl is too good for me, she's really hot and gets hit on like crazy and sometimes I get worried because she could have a guy so much hotter than me. I digress but the best thing to combat this for me has been to be as much like Guy 2. That way I know that even though she could have someone who isn't a fat nerd like me, I offer something she probably won't find with a lot of guys.

    Which all ties into your question, if she feels like she's not good enough for him then she'll feel insecure about the relationship or feel pressured to be something she's not. She knows how rare it is to find a guy who's nice and well off, and even though it might seem like a great opportunity for her she may see it as potentially trapping her into not being herself or constantly worrying about his fidelity.

    • You sound like a really nice guy. She is totally worth you, not even to mention you worth her, never degrade yourself insake of anything or anyone. It never helps even if your intentions are pure. Make them heard and make them happen. You can do it!

    • Thanks for the kind words :). I've indirectly had this conversation with my gf, and it turns out she has the same insecurities about me. The only prob is that she can go out and get almost anyone in a day, whereas my success rate at getting to the.

    • Point where a girl gets to know that I'm a good guy takes weeks just to find a girl willing to date and even longer to know me. But whatever, as long as I feel good about myself, things will fall into place. Same goes for anyone, IMO.