What should I do? Help? He's got my head spinning :/ HELP PLEASE!?

Well this guy i really really like. Used to be a good friend and it kinda grew to more. He's a player and a guy who "used" to do drugs. I don't know if he still does. Well he says he has mixed feelings. He has to much respect for me but wants to be with me but not hurt me. Anyway, he went to this party. 4 guys that are our friends that really like me told me," he started randomly making out with this girl and went to sleep with her but he didn't.. and there together now but for some reason he wants to break up with her" His side of the story. "He's caught up.., he went to the party kissed her on the cheek. He was talking to her like that (because he wanted to see who liked him more and it's me). But he never touched her. bUT we got into his Facebook messages and he told her he likes her but she's to good for him and then she asked him when they were going to fuck but he never replied to her. She hangs out with the bad people he's been with. He's hanging back with the people he was hanging out with when he was in drugs bad.. But he won't do them because me and my family turned his life around so he says. He told me why he likes me and everything but wants to gain my trust back and he will be kissing my ass for months till he does. But he's totally different around his friends. I don't know if he's telling the truth or trying to just get in my pants (he's only hugged me). What should I do? Who should I believe? What should I believe? What would you do? What kind f guy do you think he is? Should I let him kiss but or cut It him off? He got really mad when he found the boys told me. He looked really mad like he was gonna hit something. But when he told me everything he seemed upset and really serious. Help me please!!


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  • I have a hard time trusting a guy who is a player. Make him work and make him work hard for you. If he isn't sincere he will get bored.

    The player I was with was soooo good and he had me completely fooled. He just hugged me for the first week of dates too.

    If you know he's a player be cautious with him.

    • Everyone tells me no. But I don't know what to do. Should I go for it or not even bother

    • Your friends are probably right. Don't get too invested. I wouldn't bother talking to him but if you want to give him a shot make him work for you a lot. Don't give him anything easily- make sure he respects you.

    • Whatever you do don't go chasing after him!

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  • The real question is "Why the fuck would you date a bad guy who had fucked other girls before you and is into drugs?" 0_0

    • Good question I guess I just care about him a lot

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