English women vs Irish women, which one do you find more attractive?

Who has a thicker (not necessarily fatter) or a more Voluptuous body figure/shape in general between the two?

Who has better hair styles between the two?

Who has better facial features between the two?

Who has a better cultural personality between the two?

Who has a better clothing fashion between the two?

Now remember that these questions are based on strictly opinions, not facts. Remember the saying "The beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but I'd still like to hear from your opinions/preferences.


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  • Well, I'm straight, but I've always loved Irish women.

    Most Irish women have super thick beautiful hair to, which most white people in general don't have. But most people would love thicker hair.

    I think Irish women also have more shape than English (not in a rude way, but traveling the world, most guys tell me English women are known for having zero shape and I agree) like Irish women don't mind having curves, English women think curves make you fat :/

    I like how Irish still keep their culture, but English... Ask them what English culture is, and most will say they don't know.

    Clothing... same both sides I think, apart from travellers who dress much more extravagantly for special occasions. But day to day, English and Irish dress basically the same.

    I love how fiery lots of Irish women can be to lol, even the quiet ones, say something wrong and no matter how shy and quiet she usually is, I bet she'll tell you off! And Irish mothers are awesome and the dads look fun lol.


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  • This comparison is terrible.

  • Irish girls.

    • I actually dont know.


      I now want to say English girls.

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