Am attracted to scene/emo girls and I need help on finding one/dating one and getting in that sort of crowd?

Ok so I for some reason have an attraction to emo/scene girls, they're just not posers like the preppy girls and they dont try to fit in to society and I like that plus they look fucking adorable and just not to be disrespectful but hot, I dont know exactly what crowd I would fit into, I am sort of easing into a more emo ish style and look and im trying to grow my hair to do scene hair but could anyone give me advice I really am not attracted to any other group/ type of girl and this type really appeals to me, could someone help me try to date one?

P. S I am in 8th grade and im not the most popular but Id say I act more like an emo and dress normally in darker colors


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  • i think your still trying to find yourself as a person and where you fit in witch is normal as a 8th grader but i think you should try getting into a school club sport or activity will help you make more friends and if you want to meet emo girls then you should be yourself because emo girls like guys who are themselves but sweet and into the stuff most guys wouldn't be into doing i think u should go on Facebook check out emo girl pages you can add the models in the picture and meet other emo people threw the comments and everything


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