Would someone explain what should I do now?

This woman is the secretary of our department , i didn't know that because i was trainee and i didn't work with her before , anyway when i first came i used to sit in the park alone eating my lunch listening to music , i didn't know that i was sitting next to her with her group , they were looking at me but i thought im only imagining this anyway , i left for year and half when i got back i was sitting her friend came first and looked at me from the corner of her eye then , next day she came with her friend she was looking at me smiling a big smile her teeth were the best teeth i ever saw her smile was the best smile i ever seen , then her friend started to flirt with me more than her so in my mind i thought her friend is the one who is intersted , but she was more slowly in flirting until one day she stoo behind me right next to me when i turned around i looked at her lips i dont know why she smiled i smiled back , after weeks she was walking with the same friend she changed her hair color so i stared at her instade of her friend she looked back right into my eyes and completly ignored her friend , she even turned to my side while walking just to look at my eyes , after this she came two weeks to my area i was having trouble so seeing her there was amazing , i think she knew i was having trouble because she saw me talking about in the cafeteria , anyway i didn't make a move but she kept coming every few weeks , i approached her friend because my female friend said she is the one who like me I tried with her twice but she rejected me and flirt with another guy next day, even after her friend rejected me she kept flirting , she even stand next to me so close to touch my arm with her arm , when she see me walking she would smile right in front of her friend , now i might see her i might talk to her regarding work i dont know what to do and i dont know what does her behavior mean? How should i talk to her i started to like her a lot but i dont want to seem desprate?


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  • She is waiting for you to make the first move. Her friend was never the one interested but the decoy. Oh my friend they set you up bad lol. The girl with the smile is the one who likes you. Her friend knows and if they are good friends she would be following the friend rule.

    I suggest you ask her if she would like to go out for a coffee or lunch. When you see her act straight away before her mind catches up with you and stops you from asking her. Time is not your friend in this case :)

    Relax, breathe and have fun.


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