Could he be lying about his feelings for me?

so today he told me he didn't have feelings but I'm not so sure. He hugs me close and kisses my forehead lots of times. Do guys lie about not having feelings? He's always bringing up the day I had kissed him. (two Fridays ago I pecked on his lips ) and I think it meant something to him more than he's saying. he's doing my head in ATM

He is in his late twenties actually. He's you get than me but you can't help who you love. We've been friends two years and it's just the past few months we've been hugging quite a bit and he kisses me on the forehead.


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  • He could be interested in you sexually, but not interested in you in terms of wanting a relationship. That could explain the physical contact but the admission of a lack of feelings. If that's the case, then he is at least being honest, which is worth some points. There doesn't seem to be any reason why he would want to lie about having feelings, he wouldn't have anything to gain by that. The fact that you've been friends for a while is probably why he is trying to be honest and let you know he isn't into a relationship even if he has some physical attraction.

  • Seems a bit odd for a guy in his 30s-40s. Is there a back-story to this relationship?


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