How do you know if you're just a rebound?

I have been seeing him for a couple of weeks but he is only recently after coming out of a 4 year relationship... I think he likes me but can't help thinking I'm just a rebound., and is there a way of telling without asking directly and sounding like an idiot? I don't want to be lead on...


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  • Asking won't help. If he knows you are, he wouldn't tell you anyways. But chances would be he wouldn't even know that you were. A lot of times rebounds are outside of what a person would normally date, but they aren't necessarily thought of as such at the time.

    If you know the type of girls the guy generally has dated in the past it would probably help you figure it out a little better. If most of his girlfriends shared some characteristics with you, you may be ok. If they were all very different than you, he may be dating you simply because you are a stark contrast to his ex, and could be more susceptible to falling into a rebound situation.


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