Guy disappeared in middle of making plans?

He texted me last night asking what I was doing the next day and since were both free I suggested this great arcade place I really wanna check out. He said yeah let's do that! I said how about 6/7? AND NOTHING. This was between 11-1 AM so maybe he fell asleep but now I"m like wtf he made plans that late, why am I even following through? He actually really pisses me off a lot of the time because I think he's pretty self-centered and he's confusing. I deleted his number so I can't contact him at all, but if he even bothers to eventually say something, should I just ignore him? I'm at the end of my rope right now.

He asked me to hang out, I suggested the place***


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  • He probably fell asleep.
    What's the point in trying, you obviously don't care much for him anyway.

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