First date went well he mention a second but ended the date early confused?

I met a guy online. I messaged him first but he was the one to ask me out for a date. We had great text banter in between. We met for a drink on Saturday at 7:30p a few minutes in his phone buzzed in his pocket he apologized and asked if it was ok to end things at 8:45 because a male friend came in town last minute and he wanted to see them before they left. The rest of the date went well we talked non stop, he asked lots of questions. Apologized several times for ending things early. Mentioned wanting to take me on a proper date and mentioned taking me a few other places as well during the date. We spoke about cooking and he said he looked forward to me cooking for him and even mentioned sending me pictures to play a photo game he played sometimes with his mom. Super cute... When we ended things he insisted on driving me home even though I lived a very short walk from the bar and it was still early. Admittedly I've been out of the dating game for quite a while was married for 10 years and am in my 30s. Should I text him to let him know I had a good time or just wait it out...

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  • I would definitely send a general "It was great meeting you" type text, to get things rolling. I'm impatient though so I couldn't just wait for him to message first.

  • I think you two had a connection, it's up to you whether you want to text him first or wait.