Dating a woman who has more money?

A woman obviously likes me and is doing a lot to get me to notice her. She makes quite a bit more money though. I'm living paycheck to paycheck and I have very little money to go out to bars or eat out, or really go out at all, and as a result, my social life in general has taken a hit. She knows I'm not making much money, but she's still attracted and says she feels happy when she sees me. Is there any way to make it work? Or am I best off just not making a move? My friends see that I'm decent with women and that I should just make them pay for everything, but that sounds like a recipe for disaster.


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  • I would definitely not make her pay for everything, but you can find cheap/free alternatives for the times you can't afford it, go 50/50 sometimes, and then save occasionally for a night out with her. There are ways around it. I'd still give it a chance.


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  • Do things that don't cost anything like go for walks, or make a picnic lunch for you both. There are things to do that don't really need money. As far as her having money, if she told you she likes you and she knows you don't have the money to do things she's obviously not interested because of money which means she likes you for you which is an awesome thing, and personally I'd would say go for it! As far as the letting her spend money on you its ok to let someone treat you sometimes but just don't make a habit out of it so you don't get caught up in the money or so she doesn't feel like that's why your around her. Just remember to be open and honest, other wise with all of that questioning and worrying it will make you into someone you're not and act differently because of it, which trust me is never a good thing to be someone or act like someone other then yourself.

  • Go for it what have you got to lose? It sounds like she knows your situation if she offers to pay the full shot let her but offer to pay your share. There are plenty of places to go & things to do that don't cost a great amount of money.


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