My boyfriend used to tell me he loved me all the time but now he barely says it , is he losing interest in me?

I think my boyfriend is losing interest in me


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  • Probably not the longer you in a relationship the less actually but it doesn't mean your not loved any less unless his actions tell you otherwise.


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  • It really depends on many things.

    I really like to say "i love you" to my loved one because I like to show it. I also show it in my actions too, so if one day I stop saying it, she will never think i'm not loving her because my actions are still there.

    Lemme ask you think: Even if he doesn't say it anymore, does he show it in his actions? Ex: kisses you randomly, hugs you randomly, makes love to you for no reason, gives you gifts (cheap ones matters too), tries to keep the spark up by getting you out, etc.

    Good luck girl !

  • Do you ever say it back?


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