Any people who have experience with relationship anxiety willing to give me some private input/help?

As the question says, I am in a situation with a girl who I think has relationship anxiety and a traumatic past that's causing issues and I would like input on how to best make the relationship progress.


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  • Ill help as a girl who has the same thing

  • Do you mean progress like sexually? If that's your goal, you should probably just move on cuz it'll take a lot of patience.

    • Yes I do, sexually and relationship wise. I am trying to figure out how to break that barrier, regardless of time concerns.

    • She needs to feel you're trustworthy and won't hurt her or resent her, even if things aren't going the way you want. Otherwise, she has to fix her own damage. It's just how it works.

    • Then I may have messed up already, but wonder if it's recoverable? Do you mind posting as non-anonymous so I can share the details privately?

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