Girls and boys, have I got the wrong idea (does he like me)?

I have liked a guy for ages and our older brothers are pretty good friends. He started talking to me properly a week ago for 4-5 hours at a time and he always starts the conversation. We've probably spent around 25+ hours talking (over text). He's in some of my classes at school and I was so happy that I finally got to talk to him. He constantly puts himself down and I have spent hours reassuring him which has gotten quite monotonous. He also talks a lot about his football team and I try to seem interested although I really don't care. He's been calling me talented constantly, paying me loads of compliments. Also, we were talking about when our brothers go to uni in the next few weeks and he said "I'll just have to find someone to spend all my time with :)". I was talking to my friend about him (nice things) and to him about the friend I was talking to (all nice things) and they both didn't know eachother. When I said her name he added her on Facebook so I told him that she had mentioned it. He asked me if we were talking about him, to which I answered yes and he was being really flirty. HOWEVER (PLOT TWIST) he told me that he likes another girl who is playing him (she has a reputation for it and it's really obvious). BASICALLY, do you think he has been using me and/or leading me on. He honestly made me think that he liked me and i never usually know when someone is hitting on me. My friend thinks that he likes me but i don't see it. Can you pick something positive from this


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  • He probably does like you, but even if he does, do you want a guy who constantly puts himself down and goes on and on about a sport you couldn't care less about?

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