What's going to happen to us?

i recently started sleeping with a guy at uni when he temporarily moved closer to my dorm. Now he has gone home for the week.

We've been seeing each other for a week. He has slept over every day & it isn't just sex. He cuddles me, long chats & kisses me when he is leaving (&other times). I've had the best week. We don't text heaps because i don't know what to say really, but i wish we talked more.

Last night I asked him if this would continue past this week, when he moves back to his dorm.
He said he's enjoyed hanging out with me and "even came over not expecting sex, which is scary" but he said he'll "see what happens when he is home".

He was still super adorable to me afterwards, stayed all night, cuddling me & kissing me.

I texted him this morning after he left saying "thanks for a great week. Let me know if you want to keep hanging out when you are back"
He basically said thanks & then something about his day, but nothing about us.
He seems into it but then can't give me a definite answer.
I don't know what he means, i really want it to continue and am worried that it won't!
How do i decipher this and fix it?


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  • I think he's just thinking it threw no bigy

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