This is for the guys, could you help me with some advice please :)?

If you moved close to a girl you use to date, and liked her, would you contact her telling that you moved to the same area in order to get in touch with her? or would you ignore telling her that if you didn't like her? or want any contact


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  • If I liked her I would make contact. That is potentially some sex and fun I could have without all the other bs I have to go through with new girls. We already have an established history.

    • Cuse this guy i dated in winter he didn't live in my town but now he recently moved and today he snapped me and said we are almost neighbors, and we havnt spoken since april...
      is it a hint of interest or am i over analyzing?

    • I think he was telling you a fact. Nothing more. You should take it as a fact. No signal or hints needed. That was nothing but information.

  • it depends on what kind of relationship you had and if it ended up bad, if it didn't maybe he wants to hang out and see if there's something there


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