I have an upcoming coffee date. Need some tips?

I have a date with a girl I have a huge crush on, need some tips.
How do I approach this?
Get her to talk more?
Be funny or be serious?

And then at the end, if it goes well, what's the next play? Do I ask her out properly?


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  • DO NOT TRY TO TOUCH HER IN ANY WAY... you will totally kill it for both of you, being that she seems to like you you might scare her away thinking u just want a fling or she might take u as a joke and only friend zone you!

    I have always said "because I'm very outspoken and confident" that when your nervous and or shy with someone always be more outspoken ask questions make them nervous, and at the same time project good confidence in yourself! Be funny and witty with nice easy jokes... ask her real idealistic questions so she sees your interested about her and not just eye balling the situation... once the date is over walk her to her car and tell her you had a great time! Then continue to tell her that (depending on your schedule and hers) you would like to have coffee again whenever she had time :D

    (If she is reluctant and says she will let you know then it's probably a no, but if she thinks about it and even says MAYBE ON a certain day or Time then definitely feeling you)


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  • Be yourself, try being a gentleman and open the door for her and if you want pay for her coffee. Ask her questions (not to personal) but get to know her and tell her about yourself make try touching her like discretely ("accidentally" make our legs touch under the table or sit next to her
    her, etc.) And the end if you feel everything went well just ask her if she'd like to do it again soon (:

  • Just be yourself. Be serious and funny depending on the topic and the mood. Don't forget your manners tho


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