Should I keep visiting these girls at restaurant they work at or is it time to move on?

during the summer I meet a group of girls who all work at the same restaurant , its sort of a tourist place and its only open during summer , actually still open till mid October so a lot of them still around town till then. but I don't know if maybe I should just walk away at this point as although I've made some minor friendships nothing really serious has developed but there still is girls who work there that I'd be very interested in dating I'm just not sure if I have a chance or if there just going to move away in another month so it be a waste of time. there also above average in terms of looks and some come from families with money. there all a bit better options than average girl in this area but at same time its been a long summer and not sure if there getting tired of seeing me by now


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  • You should be very honest and direct with whoever you like because otherwise you waste a lot of time on a friendship you are not interested in. That way if it doesn't go the way you want you can always move to the next person you are also interested in. Rinse and repeat until success.

    Women like and respect confidence. So have it and go for it.

    good luck.


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  • It seems like you are not confident and assertive so it doesn't matter if you go there are anywhere else.

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