How to date a girl I barely know?

basically, i got a new job a month ago, and there was this amazing girl, unfortunately she left after 2 weeks as she was just part time, and in those 2 weeks she came in for only maybe 8 days and i got to work with her for maybe 4 days and i already tried to stir up the attraction as much as i could, and i think there is at least some connection, but there really just wasn't enough time and she left before i could do much.

by now, she has been away from the company longer than we have worked together, and it would be quite weird to try to hit on her now since we barely know each other, but i feel it's a big shame to just let it slip.

what could i do?


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  • your title says ''how to date a girl i barely know?'' why would you wanna date someone you don't know? you know nothing about them at all she could be a serial killer for all you know. At least get to know her first and let her get to know you and see if you both match

    • well i know she looks nice and far as i can tell she has a decent personality, and further more, i got a crush on her the very first moment i saw her, we stared into each others eyes for like 5 seconds in that very first moment.

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  • Even the lowest man can rise beyond the heavens. Tempted by the proper reward.