Do you push guys away?

her and i had a great start. she was a bit shy, but eventually opened up and we bonded quickly, and then she after a two months, she completely ignored me. i know she read my texts since it showed it was read.

when we talked, we flirted and she would send me love songs to download and at times songs about afraid of commitment. i assured her that i admired her. our families get along and her family enjoyed that i pursued her.

then... when she ignored me, i went out of my way to tell her not to be scared and that i'm willing to work things out and then no answer.

so i did some research and found out that her exbf was posting really bad comments about her and things started to make sense. i sent her a text after one month of not hearing from her saying that i'm there for her and i can tell she was hurt in the past. i did not confront her that i know what we went on. i was just playing it smooth.

she responds back right away saying she was never hurt before and that she has been really busy. so i told her its ok and that i agree with her and admire her strong personality but to keep in touch every now and then. and she replied back she would.

bottom line. i think she is afraid of commitment with me, i just feel it. i want to be there for her but i also want her to know that she should be comfortable that i'm just a phone call away. i feel she has a mask on but i'm patient and don't want to push her in a relationship with me until i feel she is ready.


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  • I push guys away because I'm afraid that they will leave me for another girl or they would reject me because of my looks. Also the reason why I'm afraid is because all the boyfriends I had left me for other girlsor cheated on me. I was sooo heartbroken and came to a conclusion that I'm too ugly for a guy and often ask myself "What did I do wrong?" I push nice guys away from me because of the past and the present. The result of the past made me shy away from all guys in general. I'm a very sensitive girl. Very romantic, but sometimes when I give something to a boy I like, I think "My ex-boyfriend never gave me this or "He doesn't like me" so I instantly avoid the boy because I think he's going to cheat on me in the end. I have HUGE trust issues. I'm a very nice girl. Smart, classy, and independent, but I think that no one likes me in that way and no one cares about my feelings. I just haven't found my dream guy yet. I don't have very high expectations. Hope this helped a little.


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  • i push guys away because, either i just attract loser guys or i'm doing something wrong because i try and try and try but i'm never the one chosen. so yeah, in a way it's about commitment. a girl who's been cheated on or anything like that will think every guy will do it to her.

    in your case, i think it sounds like you're being a bit pushy, tbh :/ just my opinion but give it time and see if you can meet her in person to talk about it. otherwise, maybe it's just not meant to be.

    • yea i'm taking my time. i'm not in a hurry with her but i want her to know i'm there to talk to.

  • It's good to not push. She may just not be ready for a relationship at this time. Yes I do push people away. Girls get insecure and don't feel they deserve someone they have. She probably has some issues to work out and needs some space

    • yea i don't mind if she is not ready but would enjoy to be friends with her. i think she pushes away because we bond deeply even as friends.

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