Why don't girls like me on POF?

I've been on it for like 3 months now and I'm so tired of them reading my messages and never replying. I know girls have a lot of messages from other guys, but most of these girls actually read my messages! Another thing i've noticed is that these girls have pretty much been on as long as I have. Do girls just come on dating sites for fun and aren't serious? I've only been on one date, which went well cause we kept communicating afterwards, but I could never get her on a second date. Anyways, girls why do you think girls don't like me?


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  • Women get too many messages for a good guy to get noticed. So they have the power to be extremely picky. So this is what I did. On my profile I wrote this.

    " I am single again!
    (Update: 8/10/2014) I'm in no rush, so I'm only going to talk to people who message me.

    Please do not message me with the only intention being "friendship".

    (The rest of my profile below this line is the same as it was so you can see what kind of person I am.) Have a nice day. "

    I get the same amount of messages only this way I don't have to waste my time trying to get to know them only to get nothing in return. I'm making them do the work. I'm very happy with the outcome.

    • I put what you said in my profile, but I do have a question. Do you still message girls? I don't really seem to have many girls view my profile unless I either view theirs or send them a message.

    • Well if someone comes by and doesn't say anything (they will always do that) I call them on it.
      "Hey, I saw you come by, I just wanted to say hi".

      I have one girl that messaged me all on her own because she can follow directions, and another girl who stopped by but I went to get her because she didn't say anything. I have a date today and Saturday because of it.

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  • i guess you just have to be patient.. i always reply to people who send me a message, even if im not interested. i just wanted to be polite. anyway if i find them creepy, boring, clingy or dont know how to strike up a conversation. most likely. im not gonna reply anymore.
    most of the guys there only wanted sex if not some are so desperate to have a gf. and that is a turn off.
    i met my current bf online, thank god he's not one of the guys who just wanted to have sex or act so desperate. i went out on two dates with two different people. (those two, just wanted a hook up, so i had to leave) before i decided that he's the one.

    • I think I may have come off desperate with the one girl I went on a date with. Then again we did talk for a few days before I suggested a second date and then we talked for a few more days before I tried to setup an actual date and then that's when she flaked. So I don't know. Most of the girls on pof just want to talk it seems if they do happen to even respond to your message.

  • It could be your appearance... MIT could be that your too forward... you could be way older than them... they might just not be interested... lots of reasons by the way what's POF stand for?:)

    • plenty of fish lad !!! lol
      its free dating website. you got the right reasons up there tho.
      I wanna add a few more into it, first online dating Is messed up, get out
      there and hunt. second, even if you want to date online and are looking for serious relationship, you should sign up for a paid website like match or whatever.

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    • How do u know?😱😱😱

  • Yes, girls do go on dating sites who don't want anything but lots of attention from guys to boost their egos. I believe this happens a lot I'm afraid.

  • POF is onown for being kind of lousy...


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  • Lemme tell you the only ONE trick you'll need on dating websites, weither you look attractive or not:

    I, myself, look kind of attractive and am very confident. But back in the days, my pictures sucked and couldn't get a SINGLE date on these kind of sites.

    Now, I perfectionned myself into taking better pictures (lightning, high definition, ask a friend to take it, better clothing) and it works like a charm hahah.

  • They're busy talking to the guys on their with fake profiles. You know, the one with the male model in the thong bikini on the motorcycle with the 12 pack abs, and biceps the size of watermelons. Studies have actually been done on this. Get yourself a pic of a hot male model and make a fake profile on there, and message those same chicks. It's amazing how bad women are at spotting the fakes.

  • Womens standards are at their highest on dating sites generally, so even if you're a decent guy, you may not be enough. Guys tend to be more flexible on these sites because they know its a numbers game, and most of the messages they send won't get a response back anyways. You can keep trying for a while, but ultimately i think you're fighting an uphill battle

  • POF has a reputation of being a shallow non-serious "dating" site... dont take it personal.

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