How can I get this girl to relike me?

So iv'e been talking to this girl and asked her out. She said she used to like me and have feelings for me, she used to start convos and send pics of herself and always flirt but just stopped after awhile and is now talking to another guy. We still text each other. I'm not sure how to try and get her to like me again but I have to try because I am in love with her. Moving on is not an option I have to at least try first, I really miss her and have to do something.


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  • I agree with your opinion to at least try. You definitely need to do something. Of course you guys still text, she used to like you. Obviously there's got to be at least a friendship going on between you two. I recommend to ask her to hang out with you, maybe make it more casual though so she doesn't feel like she's torn between two guys. Subtly let her know why you don't think the guy she is talking to appreciates her. Try to spend more time with her and make her feel how you see her. And appreciate her, be the kindest or however you want to come off as to her.

    Don't tell her everything you're feeling quite yet if she hasn't made much of a move with the other guy. If they're going to most likely be in a relationship, you can try and let her know your feelings but I wouldn't tell her everything in case it puts her in an awkward spot in case she just sees your jealousy or whatever. Try and spend more time with her, slip in why she's so great, and how much you care about her as a person. Hopefully she'll either reciprocate or let you know that she isn't interested in you.

    Crossing my fingers for ya!


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  • Tell her how you feel honestly!! She may have moved on bc she thought you weren't interested back in the day but if she knows you're in love with her it would be a lot different

    • i told her i liked her ever since we started talking but i feel like if i told her i love her she just wouldn't believe me i mean were only 17 and haven't even been on a date but i saw her every single day for three weeks and talked to her thenat work. iv'e never felt like this before and the thing that bothers me the most is that the guy she is talking to doesn't appreciate her at all and i care about her so much

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    • Talk to her face to face for sure, it's so hard to gauge people's true emotions or intentions through a text message. You're not being needy for telling a chick how you feel (trust me I've dated some whiny bitches unfortunately), by being honest face to face it shows you have balls. How she reacts will be the best sign of if she's really into you or just playing games. And its not just what she says verbally, body language is a huge key also.

    • All people are afraid of rejection when they're your age honey, that's just the way it is when you're new at it. If she rejects you brush your shoulders off bc there will be plenty of other chicks. What you're feeling could be love, but most likely it's just lust bc teenagers easily confuse the two, chances are you'll have lots of women after her.

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