Girls what would you do if a guy you don't know well invite you to his graduation?

So i was a trainee , and these girls working in the same department but different areas , i had a chance to spend with them one day , and they were extra nice with me as a student and they kept saying h when they see me in the hallway , so i totally respect their personalities and if i work there its good to have some friends so im thinking to invite them to my graduation they work in different areas they are not friends but i like all the three if them.
First girl she is a senior in her department she used to flirt with me but after spending a day with me she pretend that she didn't but she was nice she gave me advice to let my area write good things about me , she kept saying hi to me every time she sees me but she seemed shy she never look at my eyes in thinking to invite her with her friend who is working with her she is a nice girl too.
Second girl she was nice too she told me everything about her family , she was friendly and asked me to visit her area soon but i didn't i saw her twice in the hallway she acted shy too but first time i was the one who said hey second time it was her , she is nice , also there is another girl in her area who is nice too she came to me while buying coffee and said hey and she said nice things to me like hoping to see me working believe that place every body envy the other but she was nice, im thinking to invite both if them.
Third girl was nice too , when she came to my area she came to me and said hey , she was polite.

All of them i spent with them one day but they kept acting nice the problem is first two girls are shy , and i dont know is it awkward if i invite them out of the blue when i dont have strong friendship with them only saying hey, what do u think girls , i dont want to go to the graduation so inviting them would make the graduation exciting but i dont want them to think im awkward or make them feel awkward is it okay to invite them or not?


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  • Talk to them and tell them that you don't want to go but that you'd enjoy it if they went with you. But only ask one girl. Choose one and ask her if you ask all of them then it'll probably be weird but if you ask one you get the chance of getting to know her better (:


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