Should I cancel the engagement if my boy cheated on his ex? Once a cheater, always one?

So i'm curious about If my boy cheated on his ex since a few month. He used to travel back to hos home country 2x a year for vacation and when I asked him if he ever cheated on his ex he was like 'there were a lot of girls who wanted me and texted me while over there but I choose to stay with her. Furthermore he kept asking if it would change anything in our relationship if he cheated.
I guess I pissed him off so much that he was like ' yes i cheated what now' and I kept asking why, and then he took it back and said he never cheated.

Question is. If he cheated on his ex (they were a couple for two years when they were age 19-21) he is 23 now. Would he cheat on me as well? Should I keep the engagement or cancel it due what he MAYBE did in the past?


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  • i dont know for me i couldnt stay knowing he cheated on them in the past as soon as he was away from them because he's proven himself to have a track record and how do i know im different, those girls probably thought they were different too. the first bit sounds like he didn't cheat but the second bit where he asks if it would change anything sounds like he did and wants to know your reaction first.

    • the thing is i know he loves me alot. we had a conversation 2 days ago where he told me that he lost all faith in girls after his ex broke up out of nowhere with him (the one i was talking about) but i gain his trust back.
      And that i'm the only one out of his relationships (he had 4) who is marriage material, and i am already his family.

      But on the other hand i donr know how strong he is towards a flirting girl. To be honest i can't imagine he'd refuse a girl thats extremely flirty with him. But i'm extemely jealous and insecure in General. Hard time to trust guys

    • im not going to advise either way because it should be your decision based on whether you can accept this and move past it or not. i couldnt personally thered be too much legitimate doubt there from his proven past. i dont see how he's the one who couldnt trust girls because she broke up with him when he supposedly cheated on her in the relationship and if he's the type you can see no refusing a flirty girl why would you want to marry him? thatd cause so much stress and worry

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  • I think you two really need more time to get to know each other as people and slow down with getting engaged, period!!! If you believe in your heart that, "once a cheater, always a cheater..." then you already have your answer. If you really loved and wanted to spend the rest of your life with him, I don't think you would care about his past. I think you are looking for a reason to back out because you know in your heart this isn't right.

    • Hell no. He is my life, really. I would do anthing for him and we are already like a married couple. I'm just extremely afraid to get cheated on. I dont know what I'd do if he would ever do this to me

    • Personally I think getting married under 25 is a mistake. I think you should wait till you are about 26. That puts your wedding about 3 or so years from now. Plenty of time to see if he will be faithful. I am happy for you for how you feel, I just think you are still in that early stage of infatuation. To really test him for his faithfulness is just going to take time. If you are slightly concerned then you aren't fully ready for marriage yet. Postpone your engagement.

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  • Don't judge him on his past. Judge him on how he treats you now