We went on a pretty good first date and he hasn´t texted me back. Is he just not interested?

So this guy i really like asked me out and took me to dinner and i had a pretty good time. It wasn´t a perfect date and the conversation didn´t seem to flow at times but I thought that was normal. Then when he dropped me off he just asked me if i had a good time, i said yes and then he left.
Later that night i updated my status on Facebook and he liked it but i haven´t heard from him since. Its been 6 days, should i wait or just move on?


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  • Nothing wrong with asking him. What do you have to lose? I would just tell him you had a nice time and would like to see him again. That way the ball is in his court for sure. Then if he doesn't respond I would take that as he is not interested and just move on.


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  • 6 days? I would move on unless you think he might be stuck on a deserted island or something.


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