Guys, what traits and/or qualities do you look for in you ideal girl?Girls can answer too!?

Just curious to see answers!


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  • Someone I can trust and is willing to trust me in return
    Someone who's tactfully honest
    Someone who's not overly jealous
    Someone smart and fun, not boring, buzzkill smart
    Someone who a little vain in the mirror, but humble in public
    Someone who likes flattery, but doesn't fall for it
    Someone who's nice, but can be mean when she has to be
    Someone who knows the difference between playful criticism and being made fun of
    Someone who's not judgmental, but not too overly open-minded
    Someone that knows I'm a man and she a women and we do shit different.
    Someone who's willing to step out her comfort zone from time to time.
    Someone who's supportive of my ideas, but will give her opinion and question my motive
    Someone who show empathy, but I put a boot in your ass if you're down too long.
    Someone who can be a girly and be tough but not necessarily a tomboy

    What I look now for has changed over the years, I still love a woman's physical body but now I want more than that.

    • Right on. Also
      Someone who'll let me be the man but isn't afraid to take charge if I'm not there
      Someone that supports me even when I'm not around
      Physical is necessary but attractiveness is so much more than that now...

    • That is a very good answer

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  • Transparency. I want to know what you are thinking.

    Honesty. I always want to hear the truth.

    THAT'S IT.

  • Encouraging, knows how to say no. Honest, brunette, short, white skin, freckles, hazel eyes, but thats just me tho.

  • cute, not hot. Not bitchy. easy to look at eyes

  • big boobs.. . .


What Girls Said 1

  • Qualities men love:
    1) Confidence
    2) Intelligence
    3) Unmaterialistic
    4) Spontaneous
    5) Laid-back
    6) Playfulness
    7) Sensuality
    8) Honesty
    9) Independence
    10) Supportive

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