How long does it take for you to decide to be official with someone you are seeing?

I feel like most people have an idea if they want to be a couple with someone they have been going dates on decently quickly.

I'll go on a date with a guy if I like him and he seems to meet my basic criteria In a partner. Within about two weeks of seeing him and talking to him a lot I'll have an idea if I would like to be his girlfriend.

The guy I was seeing seemed to be wishy washy about commitment. We were seeing each other nearly every day for about a month and spending lots of time together.

isn't it odd that it would take him so long to decide if he's interested in being official? Or do I just decide pretty quickly?

I knew by the second week that I would like to date him officially because things were going so well!


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  • It has taken me three years so far, as I do not have much confidence


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