Opinions please guys and females who have been in similar situations?

I want to know if you hooked up with a girl and offered for her to stay the night but she got dressed and left what would you think?

Would you hit her up? If so when? (Day after, days after, weeks)

Now the guy I hooked up with did hit me up but because he was under the impression that the sex wast good. Not because I left but because I didn't contact him. It wasn't even 24 hours.

He wants to hookup again. But so soon. Back to back? Why? I've never had a guy for lack of better word. ."act" this way after a hookup.

I just want insite on what you guys think?


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  • It was a one night stand and you were good in the sack. Dignity means not hooking up again. The guy is probably thinking you were easy. Don't waste your time and you shouldn't give you number up to hookups. or get a prepaid cell.

    • I'm not wasting my time. He felt some type of way because I didn't hit him up after I left. Which I guess he was shocked I did in the first place. But why would I hit a one night stand up. He already wants to hook up again and it hasn't been 24 hours

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    • Lol I love how guys are quick to jump the "you're easy" gun. It takes two to tango. End of the day we both made the same decision. The double standards need to end. If I'm easy so is he. And I don't mind being a f buddy but I don't feel like having sex with you everyday.

    • I'm a guy and you're a woman. Simple to understand. I know the double standard thing all too well. If a guy contacts you out of the blue it means he's horny. You were good and he felt like you would give it up again. I take that back, you don't even have to be good; he just needs to be horny. If I were in your shoes I wouldn't spend any more time with a guy like that. My days we used to me players, I'm not sure what your generation calls us.

      No matter, the last girl is always the easiest. Simple theory really, if she f'ed me once she'll do it again and again. Until I screw up, I'm going to keep calling this girl. When I screw this one up I'll find another.

      As long as you're comfortable keep the relationship moving in that direction. Just be warned he doesn't care about who your are, just that you are great in bed.

  • If the sex wast that good maybe he wanted to give it another go to see if he could do it better :p I never really been in that situation but practice makes perfect and guys can get rusty if they gone a long time with out it I don't know

    • Haha that's what I'm guessing. But wouldn't one wait a couple days before hooking up again? I'm all for the f buddy situation but I don't want to have sex with you everyday.

    • It's an ego thing if I didn't preform that well then I would want to get in the ring right away to redeem myself plus he's prob thirsty lol

    • Haha I concur. Reason being most guys I hook up with don't want to be bothered the next day yet alone hook up again so soon.

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