Think I got a little to needy with the guy I'm seeing last night do I apologise and explain?

So I'm seeing this guy and things are going great last night I was feeling very emotional due to going to come on (period) and the fact I had a tough day at work and had been I'll. so I asked him if he could cuddle me.

I was then told it's ':O it's transfer deadline day.' Football being out before me typical, anyways I was very cutsy and needy saying I'm going to wear his jumper instead ect: just the whole thing wasn't me last night and I don't want him to picture me as the needy girl, do I just send a quick message this morning saying sorry and make a joke out off it?


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  • It couldn't hurt apologizes never hurt. You can straight up say I'm sorry for being needy last night, I was just having a girl moment. Lol.

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