Sexual preferences= preferred relationship balance?

Are sexual preferences, and the kind of relationship someone prefers correlated?


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  • not at all. who i am sexually is the antithesis of my personality, which is the antithesis of what kind of relationship dynamic i prefer. it's a horrid mess.

    • so neither your sexual preferences, your personality, or you relationship dynamic compliment each other. interesting.

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    • In a perfect sexual marketplace, everyone knows these things about everyone. Then it's "all right girls and boys! Go find your corresponding number!"

    • lmao, i know. i just have three really different numbers going on :p

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  • yes and no, I find domination girls to be a turn off sexually, possibly because I can't stand it in a relationship.

    I do have a thing for gingers girls sexually, but I do not see hair colour to have any being as far as relationship goes.

  • I rather have equality with a bit of submissiveness in my partner ( as in not have to fight with her for every damn decision we take ), but sexually, i am DA MAN.

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