A girl breaks up with her boyfriend...4 months later she has a new BF? Girls how successful you think it'll be lol?

Girls when you were teens, high school how long did it take for you fall back in love lol. This girl was being told that the guy she talks too love her... but she just got out a relationship in May... it's Sept now in she's in a new one lol 😴 is it real or nah how long y'all predict it to last.

They were talking about marrying each other... uhhh this is high school relations tho lol


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  • 4 weeks is even a long time in most ways. 4 months means she is probably bipolar. unless it was a long term deep serious relationship with the expectation of union.

    and i don't understand your interest, you keep saying lol after every statement to.. whats funny?

    she has a new BF after only 4 months lol, how successful do you think it will be lol, girls how long did it take for you fall back in love lol.

    that's weird.

    you know a lot of girls date for fun, thrills, and sex. ?
    that's why you see females in a club... they don't go there for deep reflection and real relationship, they go there for thrills, attention, sex , an escape.
    so she's very successful to her own desires maybe right?

    lots of girls and guys have no interest in your view of success... she gets oral sex and fun dates, someone is obsessed with what panties she is wearing today, she doesn't get too attached to anyone... she gets a new different guy when the current one is no longer thrilling... maybe this is perfect to her... lots of girls break up with a guy, once he starts falling in love or getting clingy

    did she dump you ? or maybe you got possessive and jelly, and to her that's just no fun.

    your only 18-24, so basically your brain is not even 20% developed yet ~ you must wait until age 40+ before you can understand the basics of women :P


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  • 4 months is a decent amount of time to get over a person you didn't have your heart set on spending the rest of your life with. Who knows how long it will last. I sure don't, I know nothing about the personalities of the two or what they're looking for.

  • That's plenty of time. Hell, I went from dating a guy, to breaking up with him, to meeting and dating another guy within 10 days. Dated the first guy for 9 months, broke up, met the other guy 10 days later, and started dating him. And fast forward 5 years... I'm still with that second guy. In my case, that was a good amount of time (shows how serious (lol) the first relationship was though).


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  • 4 months is plenty of time for a girl to get over her ex.

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