Should I take the hint or the lead?

Met this guy a couple of weeks (he chatted me up online), we sent a couple of emails back and forth, then changed to whatsapp, he asked me out within a week.
GREAT first date, and we met again a week later. Excellent second date with a steamy make-out session, and we met again a couple of days later... we were intimate, and I have to say, it was really special. He's so tender and affectionate that I have trouble believing that he's faking.
However, this is a week ago, and he hasn't asked me out again.
He's self-employed and running two businesses and already told me that this week is going to be busy. He's also in touch every day and sending me funny stuff or links to songs that he likes. I suggested we go and play pool this week which he liked ("sure! sounds great!") and we made some fun about wagering drinks, but he hasn't followed up.
Am I obsessing (yeah, I know I am...;) ), or has he lost interest? Why would he keep on sending me things then and ask how my day was etc?


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  • I am very much like you when it comes to stuff like this. Over-thinking and over-analyzing everything into oblivion isn't the best way to go about this, but that is just how it works for us I guess x)

    I do not think he lost interest. If he did, he wouldn't send you songs he likes or talk to you every day. The only thing I can think of why he seems hesitant is that he is a little overwhelmed with it all. It sounds like it went pretty fast, all in all. There is nothing wrong with that, especially since it has been this amazing, but I can understand how this could overwhelm him, in the good sense.

    I suggest you continue chatting like normal and when try to pick a date next time you start talking about meeting up again. That should keep things moving without being too pushy or anything of the sort :)

    I am here if you have anymore questions!

    • Thank you!

      I guess what makes me re-think all this is that I'm a firm believer in "if you want to make time, you will"...
      Especially when one is busy, isn't it easier to plan things ahead so that you can nicely fit them into your schedule? ;)

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    • Thank you again... Maybe I just try and relax into the situation and see how it evolves organically... But it's hard - I like him ;)

    • I know you do, but you can use that as motivation to hang in there ;)

      Good luck!

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