Why is he acting this way off and on?

Lately my bf hasn't really been being distant but he hasn't been that loving either. Last week we only had sex 2 days and we usually do it more. We went to the lake on sat and came back yesterday. We were both tired so we didn't do it either which usually he will want to do it. Then I took a shower when we got home and he usually comes in askin if he can join me. Half the time I say no anyways. Then when. we were at the lake I put my feet on his. recliner and he told me to move them cuz it was pushing the recliner down. Then when i would try holdin his hand sometimes he didn't want too. We also just got a puppy 2 Fridays ago. He let me name her and he calls me her mom. Then he also got a new pickup I've been asking to drive it and he said no. Then he text me this morning telling me I can drive it if I want cuz he had to bring his old pickup back. I just am confused why he is sometimes not loving and I can't even touch him without him telling me to move and sometimes he's a sweetie. His dad can be like that to though. Be a jerk but then yet he's sweet.. I'm with him every night so not like he could really cheat on me unless he did after work. But what does this sound like to you?


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  • heard the song hot and cold by katy perry? kinda like that, he may just be so comfortable with you now that he doesn't feel he has to try hard anymore. All you can do is leave him alone when he's in a mood do your own thing, the worst thing you can do is chase them when they don't want to be chased cause it can come across as being clingy. Hang in their love x :)

    • We have been dating for a little over a year. So he should already feel comfortable. Not sure if he is losing interest or cheating maybe? :/

  • Sometimes when a guy pulls back like that, it isn't because they are trying to hurt you. Sometimes guys just need to have time and space to think about the feelings that they are developing. Perhaps he would like to take your relationship further than just having sex all the time. And if he hasn't been in many serious relationships before, he could just be trying to straighten out his thoughts and feelings.

    • The last relationship he was in was 4 years. He broke up with her cuz she cheated on him and he didn't love her anymore. We have been dating a little over a year now.