Should I contact him or leave it to him?

I have been sleeping with this guy. We only see each other at night but it isn't just sex, he stays, chats and is super adorable.

It has been going on for a week (at uni - every night) but he has gone home now for a week.
We didn't text much before, i think he is a bit of a hard shell to crack.
Before he left I asked if this will continue after he is back. He seemed into it but wanted to see what happened at home, so i didn't get a definitive answer.

I don't want to come on too strong but I REALLY want to talk to him. My friend since i should message him tomorrow and say something like "if you do keep seeing me then at least it will mean i have to keep my room clean?" (that sounds lame) or something funny i guess.

What should I do?


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  • For guys, there's almost NO such thing as coming on too strong. Just be frank and tell him you'd like to see him again.

  • If you want to talk to him, express this to him. It's always difficult to do, but my advice is be honest in what you want and communicate with him, and that should get you the fastest result.


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